CEM 2023

Building & Construction Update – An outlook of the Building, Construction & Infrastructure Industry is an monthly magazine. Every Issue of Building & Construction Update consist of articles of Top companies, Interview of top executives of successful companies.

C&A Magazine – C&A Magazine is a B2B publication focused on the Construction and Infrastructure sectors, in India and globally. Launched by BRAND MEDIA in the year 2008 the publication is fast gaining popularity among CEOs and decision makers in the construction sector in India and abroad. C&A Magazine is also a forum for Executives in Construction and Infrastructure to voice their views and opinions. We regularly carry interviews and contributed articles written by Thought Leaders in their fields, such as in Marketing, Operations, Project Management, and Technology It is also a platform for companies to showcase their new products and services and publish case studies of immediate interest to our readers.

Construction Mirror – An outlook of the construction Equipment & Infrastructure Industry” is a monthly magazine. Each issue of Construction Mirror consists of interviews of Top executives of successful companies who share their best practises and views on important issues of industry. These issues include important topics such as engineering and technology, project funding, labour issues, liability, regulations and the environment.

CONSTRUCTIONSHOWS – Leaders and influencers in the construction arena can stay informed about important events in the construction calendar. In addition, the portal highlights important developments within the industry, blogging extensively on economic trends, company news and construction projects of particular interest.

Construction Technology Today – Construction Technology Today magazine keeps abreast with latest happenings product launches news, views, article of CEOs and Managing Directors of leading companies and analysis of market and government policies. The magazine today has become a favourite with the readers and advertisers as it gives them maximum returns on there for their rupee spent. With conscious efforts to distribute 40,000 copies in India and abroad every month. The magazine has caught the eyes of 2,00,000 readers every month with the consequence in our advertisers to get quick attention of the real decision makers and business inquiries from unanticipated quarters worldwide.

The Magazine is also distributed to the participants and the visitors of the vast events happenings in India and abroad to get the right target audience attention. CTT is also now a media partner of most leading Exhibitions in India and abroad Published in every month with diversification of topics covered profoundly the subject matter, the magazine has immaculate layouts and eye-catching design to enhance its production value which grips the audience till the end of magazine.

IO Construction Chronicle – We are an IO Construction Chronicle one-of-its-kind Bi-monthly digital and print magazine about sectors like Infrastructure, Building & Construction, Construction Equipment, etc. IO Construction Chronicle is specially designed for renowned entrepreneurs to stay connected to the most recent industry trends. We mainly publish news and articles on Infrastructure, Building & Construction, Steel, Airports, Lubricants, Roads & Highways, and Construction Equipment. At IO Construction Chronicle, research & innovation is quite extensive. It is only possible with our team of industry innovators. As they are in a constant endeavor to bring the best of both worlds to you, the industries, entrepreneurship development, and much more. We are innovative. We are fresh. We are totally all set to broaden the possibilities of industrial business in India.
Our Aim: We dedicatedly aim to bring new insights to you. How the industries are evolving, what they offer, and what makes them exceptional. We are a hub of the industrial news you can rely upon.

Plant & Equipment – With over 23 years of experience, Plant & Equipment has deep knowledge and provides valuable marketing services for heavy equipment, trucks, and spare parts industries via our magazine and website. The momentous evolution in our online traffic, strengthens the position of our website being the leading destination for classifieds, industry news, upcoming exhibitions & auctions. Our goal is to enhance visibility for dealers to help sell listings online to emerging markets including Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.